Improve Your Game with a Home Golf Simulator

Indoor Golf Design (IGD) sells the most advanced simulator technology on the market. We will work with you to understand what you really want from your system and direct you to the simulator that best fits your needs. IGD strives to create a truly custom, one-of-a-kind, built-in home golf simulator for each of our clients.


Most simulators feature various training modes; custom settings for play conditions including location, wind and weather. Need to work on that hook or draw?  With a golf simulator you will receive instant feedback and analysis on your swing including swing speed, face angle, launch angle, spin, and distance. With this data, you can improve your game by learning setup and swing changes.

Mechanics aren’t the only improvement you can make to your golf swing. You can play your favorite course virtually and learn course management before you pay the greens fee. Learn your club distances, club selection and shape your shots to improve your skills, abilities, and consistency. And…lower your handicap!


Golf simulators are the best way to practice, play, learn and teach the game of golf in less time, day or night with no limitations from the weather, sunlight and in less time than outdoors. Practice and play in the privacy of your own home.

We sell most manufacturers – offering you to the best sim for your needs.

We sell most golf simulator manufacturers including TruGolf E6, Trackman, SkyTrak

Call us today to get a quote on a golf simulator for your home or office! 

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