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The best test: swing a driver in your space and see if have the clearance. A minimum room size approximately 13'x16'. Minimum height for most ceiling mounted tracking units is 9 feet. If you can swing a club - we can probably put a sim in it!

Yes, please contact us for financing options.

There are a few factors that come into the design of your room. For example, if you want the room to have seating for spectators or home theatre, or if you need room set for both right and left-handed golfers you may need additional space. A typical golfer will need a minimum of 7 feet from the hitting area to the wall behind them in order to safely swing a driver. You don't want to feel cramped so a bigger space is ideal. Any netting or screen will have to be 16 inches off the back wall to allow for the screen to safely absorb the impact of the ball. The teeing area of the ball should be a minimum of 8ft from the screen, with 10-12 feet being preferred.

We sell most simulator brands and swing analysis systems so we will recommend the best match for your budget and design needs.

Since all of our home golf simulators are custom, the pricing depends on your size of your room, choices of technology, software and room finishes. A small room with base technology can start somewhere around $50,000 USD.

Yes, and it is awesome! Our custom screens are made of high-quality material and are made to project an image onto at a high resolution. Of course, the quality of projector that you choose is also a factor in the quality of image that you will get on your screen. It is also important to consider the desired size ratio of the image in your space. For example, at 8 feet high, a 4:3 image will need a minimum of 10’6” of width, a 16:10 image will need 12’9” of width, and a 16:9 will need 14’1” of width.

Yes, with a few clicks - you can go from playing golf at Pebble Beach to racing at XXXX, hitting a fast pitch or playing dodge ball with zombies!

You can add many other sports to your software's library and play all of them in the same simulator! Sports include racing, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, frisbee, archery and more! (Additional costs will apply)

Yes! However, the accuracy of the data depends on the technology that is selected. Most brands offer a putting mode in addition to their regular ball tracking.

An actual golf ball is preferred for best feedback and results. Certain tracking systems may require that a special sticker be placed on your ball while other systems work better when your club head is a darker color.

Yes! We have designed and installed some great putting greens both indoors and outdoors.

Since our simulators are custom design and installed, we plan for a minimum of 5 weeks to complete your dream room.

Ideally, we'd like to be brought in as early in the process as possible hopefully before you begin your floor plans, however we are very good at designing and creating really cool spaces and will work closely with your Architect and Builder.

Absolutely! We have a builder’s background, and we speak their language. IDG will provide them with plans and drawings for your room and we will act as a liaison for you for your game room.

Yes! We can design it from the ground up if you are building or remodeling the room or we can design for an existing space. Our prices include plans and room layouts.

Indoor Golf Design (IGD) works with you to create the best simulator for your needs and space. Our specialty is custom built indoor golf simulators. Selling multiple simulator brands allows IGD to find the best fit for you! You do not have to use a pre-set size of simulator if your room is bigger or smaller, we can work with you to design one that fits your space. We'll work with your Builder, Architect, and Interior Designer. We are very skilled at working on a home that is in the planning stages, building stage or existing. But don't worry, if you're confident with your ideas will work with you directly to transform your garage or spare room into a dream game room!

IGD can match you with launch monitors, practice and play simulator and swing analysis tools to improve your game. We even have PGA Professionals on staff to help you with understanding your stats and game improvement using the tools and data that you can get from an indoor golf simulator, launch monitor, and swing analyzers.

Yes. We have designed and installed many in home golf simulators and created happy customers all over the world.